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ILOG CPLEX Optimization
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We provide IBM ILOG CPLEX training, consultancy and customization to solve your industrial optimization problems, in order to optimize your operation efficiency and profitability.
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ILOG CPLEX Solutions

We apply the techniques of mathematical optimization to solve your industrial problems with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer. Certainly, many of our engagements involve delivering an optimization-based application, rather we also offer a broader range of services.


We ensure your IBM Decision Optimization certification success in first attempt. With this intention, we provide quality exam preparation materials as a result of the effort of our experts.


We help you developing your optimization and modeling skills. With this in mind, we offer custom IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization training that is specifically tailored to your industrial problems.


We help you using optimization models to analyze your existing business processes. Similarly, we provide actionable insights that will benefit and support your new business operations and researches.


Leveraging our existing proprietary algorithm on top of ILOG CPLEX, we help you to design, build and deploy new optimization applications with massive data and complex models.

Store Strategic Planner

Retail workforce scheduling and dimensioning with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization.
ILOG CPLEX Store Strategic Planner

"Before we had data. Today we have the information required to act."

Arnaud Blondin, Store Operations Analyst, Real GmbH Germany

Arnaud Blondin

Retail Workforce Scheduling

We designed and deployed for Real GmbH in Germany, as a result, a solution that helps dimensioning the workforce of 300 hypermarkets and scheduling employees since 2016.
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ILOG CPLEX Retail Workforce Scheduling
Most noteworthy, the system manages the daily needs of stores, forecasting customer flows, defining schedules and checkout operations.

Custom Optimization Software

We build optimization software for partners and customers based on our proprietary engine. First of all, it is an optimization engine with the combination of new algorithms on top of IBM ILOG CPLEX. Hence, it can break complex models and difficult MIPs into sub-models. Finally, our engine can solve massive MIP Models in parallel threads.
ILOG CPLEX Manufacturing Optimization


Generate realistic detailed production plans and schedules in order to meet the inventory levels requested for each finished product. As a result, we manage to improve coordination between raw material, work in progress and finished goods.

ILOG CPLEX Trucking Optimization


Create schedules for every driver and truck that minimize the fixed and variable costs of operating the fleet. When schedule disruptions occur, reschedule on the fly to minimize changes to customer commitments, costs and regulatory requirements.

ILOG CPLEX Oil and Gas Optimization

Oil and Gas

Simulate demand evolution, capacity augmentation, natural disasters and network disruptions. Furthermore, generate multiple scenarios and evaluate their trade-offs while monitoring schedule adherence in order to determine necessary assumptions.

ILOG CPLEX Logistics Optimization
Our optimization engine was initially built for scheduling problems. However, it works for any MIP which has a reasonable number of integer feasible solutions. Furthermore, it has been deployed effectively on manufacturing, supply chain and workforce dimensioning problems as well as scheduling applications. Even more, it provides good solutions and optimality measures that are often beyond the reach of traditional optimization methods on large scale MIPs.

Optimization Consulting

By combining our operations research knowledge and industry experience, we provide end-to-end optimization solutions. Consequently, we improve your operational efficiency exponentially while reducing the costs and risks.
1First of all, we will be using an optimization model to analyze your business processes. Furthermore, we will report the conclusions regarding to your existing business optimization status.
2Another, we can perform a study to determine how a new optimization application will benefit your business. Even more, we can recommend a better one that best suits for your operations.
3Finally, we will provide supports and enhancements for your existing optimization applications. Likewise, we can help reducing the costs while improving the performance by using alternatives.

Optimization Consideration

  • High Leverage Resource

    Are there one or two resources that make up a majority of your costs? Maybe its material costs dominate the production costs. So even small percent reductions in material costs can probably yield a large absolute return with almost no equipment changes required. Above all, all that needs to be done is to adjust the recipes with the optimized usage rates of the materials.

  • Flexibility in Resource Deployment

    Even though materials may be your highest cost item, if all production is done via a fixed bill of material, then there is probably little or no opportunity to improve the material costs. That is because the opportunity for optimization comes when the material usage is flexible, where substitute materials are allowed to be used subject to a known set of rules that specify how these substitutions can be made.

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Our team is comprised of researchers, engineers and data scientists. Almost everyone is required to complete a rigorous training program that spans both business and technology. For the reason that we are ideally equipped to help you with a successful industrial optimization system implementation.
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IBM Certified Business Partner is a certified IBM Business Partner. So, we sell and implement IBM Decision Optimization solutions and technologies, as below.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio


IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio enables rapid development and deployment of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming.
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What can ILOG CPLEX Optimizer do for us as businesses?

Most noteworthy, we can model business issues mathematically and solve them with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer's powerful algorithms to produce precise and logical decisions. Above all, IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer's mathematical programming technology enables decision optimization for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing profitability.
  • CP Optimizer

    We can solve detailed scheduling problems and combinatorial optimization problems using CPLEX CP Optimizer.

  • Studio interfaces

    We can build and deploy optimization applications using interfaces like ILOG Concert Technology and CPLEX Callable Library.

  • Performance benchmarks

    IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer confirms its performance leadership with the Version 12.8 CPLEX Optimizer which provides breakthrough improvements in performance.

  • Robust algorithms

    IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer has solved optimization models with millions of constraints and variables.

  • Flexible interfaces

    IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer gives developers a variety of ways to interact with it during the development and deployment of their applications.

  • Fast, automatic restarts

    We can modify linear programs and then solve again in a fraction of the original solution time. While, we can also modify and solve mixed integer programs, starting from a pool of prior solutions.

  • Optimization Studio

    We can optimize our business decisions, develop and deploy optimization models quickly. Hence, we can determine the best course of action, improve planning and scheduling outcomes.

  • Watson Studio

    We can combine optimization techniques with other data science capabilities in IBM Watson Studio to drive reliable business decisions.

  • Optimization Center

    IBM Decision Optimization Center is a platform to build, deploy and use optimization-based decision-making application for the enterprise.

  • doCloud

    Decision Optimization on Cloud is an easy-to-use, self-service solution to help us to solve complex optimization problems by using optimization engines deployed on the cloud.

  • z/OS

    For mathematical optimization problems like MIP/MIQCP, users of z/OS can utilize the CPLEX Optimizer with C and C++ APIs to model and solve their business problems.

Optimization Training

If you want to deepen your knowledge in operations research, we have the appropriate set of courses. Certainly, we will help you developing your optimization and mathematical modeling skills. Likewise, we will teach you how to better leverage the IBM set of tools and solutions.
1Introduction to Operations Research (OR) and IBM ILOG CPLEX Studio recaps on OR, mathematical programming and type of mathematical programming. While, we will explore some examples of optimization problems with CPLEX.
2Optimization Programming Language (OPL) Syntax & Multi Model Architecture explores the concept of OPL script in detail. Most noteworthy, we will learn how to call same model multiple times or multiple models from different projects or files.
3Constraint Programming (CP) provides knowledge and tools needed to build effective CP optimization models. Therefore, we can solve scheduling problems that involving cumulative resources, using cumul function expressions.
4Embedding CPLEX using Concert Technology hels us leveraging common modeling layers for LP, IP, QP and CP with model separation. Similarly, we will learn leveraging the C++ interface and optimization libraries.
5IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise is a module that helps us implement and deploy corporate custom solutions for optimization-based planning and scheduling. We will learn how to do it through what-if analysis, scenario management and collaboration.
6Custom Training Jumpstart is prepared specifically tailored to your needs, using the typical problems in your industry. Coverage includes MILP or CPO, OPL language or programmatic APIs and Advanced techniques.

Examples of past custom training:

  • Manufacturing

    First of all, we offers a realistic discussion of increasing efficiency and productivity of production operations for the members of the production management team. Likewise, as well as inventory management, we educate their planning and inventory control personnel in optimizing their inventory level to suit their schedules and capacity for the profits of their manufacturing plants.

  • Drink Bottlers

    Similarly, we provide the members of the production management team with the essential requirements on the design of packaging logistics. For the reason that coping with the stress of the logistics chain in the handling of distribution and export of valuable goods while meeting demand.

  • Retailers

    In this flagship training program, we help retailers utilizing our time-tested and proven Store Strategic Planner for workforce dimensioning and scheduling. First of all, we teach checkout leaders how to manage their checkout line easily and efficiently. Secondly, we help store director to visualize store performance so that the store director can identify issues and define concrete action plans. Finally, we train regional manager and COO to identify the best use of budget and investment.

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