ILOG CPLEX Optimization Training

We help operations research professionals to better leverage IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio in constraint programming and modeling for more efficient decision making.

Optimization Training

If you want to deepen your knowledge in operations research, we have the appropriate set of courses. Certainly, we will help you developing your optimization and mathematical modeling skills. Likewise, we will teach you how to better leverage the IBM set of tools and solutions.
1Introduction to Operations Research (OR) and IBM ILOG CPLEX Studio recaps on OR, mathematical programming and type of mathematical programming. While, we will explore some examples of optimization problems with CPLEX.
2Optimization Programming Language (OPL) Syntax & Multi Model Architecture explores the concept of OPL script in detail. Most noteworthy, we will learn how to call same model multiple times or multiple models from different projects or files.
3Constraint Programming (CP) provides knowledge and tools needed to build effective CP optimization models. Therefore, we can solve scheduling problems that involving cumulative resources, using cumul function expressions.
4Embedding CPLEX using Concert Technology hels us leveraging common modeling layers for LP, IP, QP and CP with model separation. Similarly, we will learn leveraging the C++ interface and optimization libraries.
5IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise is a module that helps us implement and deploy corporate custom solutions for optimization-based planning and scheduling. We will learn how to do it through what-if analysis, scenario management and collaboration.
6Modeling Best Practice helps your team learn and develop mathematical models in Linear Programming, Mixed Integer Programming and Quadratic Programming through programming assignments and quizzes.

Training Objective

The objective of this training is to teach a your team or employees with varying degrees of Operations Research knowledge, about how to use the most important features of IBM ILOG CPLEX Studio. Upon a successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
    • Understand where Operations Research fits in the analytics big picture and how it helps decision making.

    • Understand Linear Programming (LP) concepts and modeling techniques.

    • Formulate decision-making problems as different models and solve with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio.

    Participants who complete our IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization training course, can take an on-line 35 questions multiple choice exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive Course Completion Certificate from IBM.

    ILOG CPLEX Customized Training Jumpstart

    We provide custom IBM ILOG CPLEX training that is specifically tailored to your needs, using the typical problems in your industry. Coverage includes MILP or CPO, OPL language or programmatic APIs (C, C++, Java, Python), and Advanced techniques (column generation, Bender's decomposition).
    Examples of past custom training:
    ILOG CPLEX Manufacturing Optimization


    First of all, we offers a realistic discussion of increasing efficiency and productivity of production operations for the members of the production management team. Likewise, as well as inventory management, we educate their planning and inventory control personnel in optimizing their inventory level to suit their schedules and capacity for the profits of their manufacturing plants.

    ILOG CPLEX Drink Bottlers Optimization

    Drink Bottlers

    Similarly, we provide the members of the production management team with the essential requirements on the design of packaging logistics. For the reason that coping with the stress of the logistics chain in the handling of distribution and export of valuable goods while meeting demand.

    ILOG CPLEX Retailers Optimization


    In this flagship training program, we help retailers utilizing our time-tested and proven Store Strategic Planner for workforce dimensioning and scheduling. First of all, we teach checkout leaders how to manage their checkout line easily and efficiently. Secondly, we help store director to visualize store performance so that the store director can identify issues and define concrete action plans. Finally, we train regional manager and COO to identify the best use of budget and investment.

    Optimization Trainers

    We partner with you to solve your complex industrial optimization problems by leveraging IBM Decision Optimization technologies and solutions for maximum return and minimum cost.
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    Our team is comprised of researchers, engineers and data scientists. Almost everyone is required to complete a rigorous training program that spans both business and technology. For the reason that we are ideally equipped to help you with a successful industrial optimization system implementation.
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    IBM Certified Business Partner is a certified IBM Business Partner. So, we sell and implement IBM Decision Optimization solutions and technologies, as below.

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    IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio enables rapid development and deployment of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming.
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