ILOG CPLEX Optimization Consulting

We apply the techniques of mathematical optimization (linear and mixed integer programming) to solve your industrial problems (maximum profit or minimum cost) with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer.

Optimization Consulting

By combining our operations research knowledge and industry experience, we provide end-to-end optimization solutions. Consequently, we improve your operational efficiency exponentially while reducing the costs and risks.
1First of all, we will be using an optimization model to analyze your business processes. Furthermore, we will report the conclusions regarding to your existing business optimization status.
2Another, we can perform a study to determine how a new optimization application will benefit your business. Even more, we can recommend a better one that best suits for your operations.
3Finally, we will provide supports and enhancements for your existing optimization applications. Likewise, we can help reducing the costs while improving the performance by using alternatives.

Optimization Consideration

  • High Leverage Resource

    Are there one or two resources that make up a majority of your costs? Maybe its material costs dominate the production costs. So even small percent reductions in material costs can probably yield a large absolute return with almost no equipment changes required. Above all, all that needs to be done is to adjust the recipes with the optimized usage rates of the materials.

  • Flexibility in Resource Deployment

    Even though materials may be your highest cost item, if all production is done via a fixed bill of material, then there is probably little or no opportunity to improve the material costs. That is because the opportunity for optimization comes when the material usage is flexible, where substitute materials are allowed to be used subject to a known set of rules that specify how these substitutions can be made.

Here is quick list of some of our recent engagements:
ILOG CPLEX Dairy Processing Manufacturing Optimization

Dairy Processing

We developed a strategic planning application that produces a least cost plan for building strategic inventories. In addition, it provides guidance on the recipes to be used in the plants that would support that inventory plan.

ILOG CPLEX Manufacturing Optimization


We developed production planning system that produces a least cost plan to cover production starts in all phases of the production from wafer fab through final assembly and test.

ILOG CPLEX Retailers Optimization

Checkout Retail

We designed and deployed a solution for hypermarket that helps dimensioning and scheduling the workforce of 300 employees.

Optimization Consultants

We partner with you to solve your complex industrial optimization problems by leveraging IBM Decision Optimization technologies and solutions for maximum return and minimum cost.
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Optimization Experts
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Our team is comprised of researchers, engineers and data scientists. Almost everyone is required to complete a rigorous training program that spans both business and technology. For the reason that we are ideally equipped to help you with a successful industrial optimization system implementation.
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IBM Certified Business Partner is a certified IBM Business Partner. So, we sell and implement IBM Decision Optimization solutions and technologies, as below.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio


IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio enables rapid development and deployment of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming.
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