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We provide IBM ILOG CPLEX training, consultancy and customization to solve your industrial optimization problems, in order to optimize your operation efficiency and profitability.

ILOG CPLEX Solutions

We apply the techniques of mathematical optimization to solve your industrial problems with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer. Certainly, many of our engagements involve delivering an optimization-based application, rather we also offer a broader range of services.


We ensure your IBM Decision Optimization certification success in first attempt. With this intention, we provide quality exam preparation materials as a result of the effort of our experts.


We help you developing your optimization and modeling skills. With this in mind, we offer custom IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization training that is specifically tailored to your industrial problems.


We help you using optimization models to analyze your existing business processes. Similarly, we provide actionable insights that will benefit and support your new business operations and researches.


Leveraging our existing proprietary algorithm on top of ILOG CPLEX, we help you to design, build and deploy new optimization applications with massive data and complex models.

Management Team

We partner with you to solve your complex industrial optimization problems by leveraging IBM Decision Optimization technologies and solutions for maximum return and minimum cost.
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Chiao Lun

Visualization Expert

Our team is comprised of researchers, engineers and data scientists. Almost everyone is required to complete a rigorous training program that spans both business and technology. For the reason that we are ideally equipped to help you with a successful industrial optimization system implementation.
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Machine Learning

Everything just got simpler and smarter through our custom domain artificial intelligence.


We focus on the use of constrained optimization techniques in visualization.


We makes it easier to apply different and right solving techniques, that best fit for your optimization models.


We simulate to clearly demonstrate the ability or inability of the system to meet the performance objectives.

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